Nneka Kelly


“Thanks to LaShonda's daily prompts, my short scope is getting more and more purposeful. She even helped me to get crystal clear and write my manifesto (a long time coming)."


Registration in one beat costs $9.99 (beats occur over a two week time frame).  If you purchase a beat early you'll receive the $8.99 discount, late registration will be $10.99.

To save money, purchase multiple beats at a time. 

  • TWO BEATS $17.98 - 10% Saved
  • FOUR BEATS $33.97 - 15% Saved
  • SIX BEATS $47.95 -  20% Saved

Complete tribe form

There are some basic things that we'd like to know about all the women in Heart Tribes like:

  • Are you willing to commit 15 minutes a day to giving Periscope hearts to tribe members?
  • Will you create at least ONE 1-3 minute (max time) scope EVERY 24 hours to have in your recent broadcasts?

These questions help us make sure that everyone who joins Heart Tribes is aware of the commitment and is ready to contribute to the group.

Request to join the heart tribe waiting room

When Heart Tribes began it was a free PeriGirls community.  As we have added more member benefits to the equation we transitioned to Heart Tribes 2.0.  Those women who grew with us in Heart Tribes and would like to join this paid community do not have to join the waiting room.  However, if you have never been a member of the Heart Tribes community, the waiting room will teach you everything you need to know before hopping in head first.  If you are not accustomed to scoping daily and taking screenshots for accountability, this gives you time to learn the platform before jumping in head first.


Dana Sanchez

@YourDori & @dapoppins

"When Heart Tribes had its first accountability groups I was in a writing group and set a goal to read a children's story I had written to real children. 😃. I read to a kindergarten and 1st grade class yesterday - was well received and invited to come again. -next goal is to figure out how to use that as a launch into some sort of profit."